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For over a Two Decade experience which was born into Kennedy Holidays last year has been helping agents from across the globe deliver unparalleled experiences to their customers as well has giving the customers a ultimate holiday which they would have dream with new suggestion off the beaten track With a team of dedicated professionals who live and breathe the value of "We are in the business of delighting your customers", we leave no stone unturned to ensure that your customers return with ever lasting memories

The desire to provide the best holiday experience is what drives us. The culture, history, breathtaking scenic beauty, the quaint towns, the blend of modern and developing cities backed with great entertainment and fun-loving friendly people comes together to form a perfect mix that ensures an exquisite experience.

Holiday-makers will have rich memories leaving them with great stories to tell and a yearning to come back for more. The range of places to go to, and the experiences that these destinations offer is so vast and incredible that a lifetime is barely enough to see it all. We at Kennedy Holidays offer great value for money for the discerning traveler and can also indulge those who desire and appreciate luxury. Product innovation is a way of life at Kennedy Holidays. We are constantly thinking about new options and experiences. In this age of information where the customer knows so much more, we help you service your customers as an expert.

We embrace the latest Technology to help you dispense information and services to your customers on some of the best destination and holiday options in the world. To this end we are investing in a world class website that will help you dispense holidays to your customers in quick time, From facts about the country or the city to well-researched hotels, weather, restaurants, sightseeing options, local experiences and a host of things to do will soon be at your fingertips of
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Whether it's a family holiday, a romantic getaway, a long tour, an incentive group or a wedding in the most perfect setting ever...We are your one stop shop in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS , Turkey , Africa, South America , Asia and Pacific , Island across the continents , New zealand and Australia etc

" We don't follow trends... we set trends..."

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